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Converting Your Orlando Home to Propane

There are a number of benefits to converting a home to propane. Costs, efficiency, and effectiveness all come into consideration when it comes to makes a big decision such as switching from electricity to propane power. Let’s go over the proven advantages of propane gas and how it can help your Orlando home be a more comfortable place to live.

Propane Costs

Electricity and propane gas costs can only be compared by the going rate for each in your area. Power costs fluctuate often and it’s tough to say one is cheap than the other definitively. However, propane gas appliances are significantly less costly than electric appliances. In some cases, propane appliances are nearly half the price as electric units. Not to mention that propane appliances last decades longer than electric.

Propane Appliances Work Better

Many of us are used to waiting for showers to warm up, the house never getting warm enough during winter, and stoves not cooking the way you’d like. Propane gas work fast and more efficiently than electricity in almost any situation. Both the house and water are heated in a fraction of the time. Also, cooking with propane give you more control and heats quicker than electrical units.

Propane dryers also save you time on laundry due to their superior ability to quickly heat. If you have a large pile of your family’s clothes to launder or your just a busy-bee on the run, propane powered appliance could just be the time saver you were looking for.


If you torture tested propane appliances versus electrical appliances, propane would win nearly every time. Propane appliances do not rely on circuit boards, wire and solder to stay together to operate. Power outages do not harm propane appliances, but they could leave your electric units ruined. Propane gas appliances have few moving parts and literally last a life time.


Probably the most appealing thing about propane power to Orlando and other Central Florida Residents is that power outages do not affect your propane usage. Propane works when other energy sources don’t, making it extremely reliable and great for the stormy, unpredictable weather of Florida.

Propane is Safe!

Unfortunately, some people still believe that propane is an unsafe energy source. However, propane is not only safe for your family, it’s safe for the environment as well. These days propane companies are held to extremely high safety standards. Propane is also very resistant to ignition once dissipated into open air.

Propane is also one of the cleanest forms of power due to its clean burning nature. What most people don’t realize is that 49% of electricity in the United States is generated by burning coal, which is very inefficient and one of the dirtiest fossil fuels out there. Propane is not toxic and does not affect water or the ground in any way. Using propane is actually a great way to help keep our environment beautiful and our air clean.

Making the Switch to Propane

Propane is a great choice to power your home due to the given reasons above. Discount Propane offers propane piping and appliance installation throughout Orlando and the surrounding Central Florida area. Our propane technicians are properly trained and are here to help you with any need. We can perform full propane conversions, replace old appliances, or repair broken units. If you have a question about how Discount propane can help make your Orlando residence more comfortable, call 1 (800) 870-1665 today!

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