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Discount Propane is a Leader in Agricultural Gas Products

Propane is not only encouraged by the government as a cleaner fuel for operating nurseries and keeping plants warm, it also cuts operating costs. Discount Propane is an expert in agricultural needs from servicing gas powered machinery and equipment to appliances such as tankless water heaters and heating, and heaters for preventing insect infestations post-harvest, Discount Propane can meet your propane supply needs as well with a customized service schedule. Contact us to find out more!

Propane has Many Cost Effective and Efficient Applications on Agriculture

Discount Propane can help you with keeping insects under control. There are more restrictions on chemical pesticides used today and by providing propane for propane-powered thermal remediation you can keep insect infestations under control without having to worry about regulation. Gas heat and tankless water heaters powered by propane gas can dramatically decrease your costs and are much more fuel efficient. We can also set up delivery for gas for machine equipment, and regular gas service for all your propane needs.

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