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Important Propane Saftey Tips

Propane gas in Orlando is quickly becoming a popular energy alternative, suitable for a variety of needs. The convenience and versatility of propane and the added affordability of Florida propane prices, make switching to propane accessories and easy decision. As you make this switch, however, keep in mind these few but essential propane safety tips.

Always Handle Tanks Properly 

Always be sure that your propane tank is properly stored, especially when traveling. Never leave your tank enclosed in a small area, whether indoors or in a vehicle. If you need to tether it down for tailgating, camping, or RVing, always use rope, not metal chains that can cause sparks.   

You may have already noticed that your supplier of propane in Orlando only fills your tank to 80 percent capacity. This additional 20 percent space leaves room for gas expansion in case the tank becomes heated. For further security, always store propane tanks out of direct sunlight and away from any possible heat source.

If you are concerned that the rubber seal on your tank is damaged or leaking, you can perform a simple home test with a little soapy water. Once you have found the leak, replace the part completely. Do not try to simply patch or seal the problem.

Always Use Appliances Correctly

Of the few reported fires and injuries involving propaneDiscount Propane in Orlando Grill gas in Orlando, a significant amount involved the use of propane outside of its intended function. Always use grills, stoves, heaters, and any other propane tool exactly as it is specified in the directions. For example, never use your stove as a space heater, and keep appliances made for outdoor use explicitly outdoors.

An important step to remember when using Central Florida propane shutting things off when you leave the house. When you are not using your appliances, turn them off completely. This is especially important if you have to evacuate quickly for an emergency. Storms and flooding are frequent to the area, and you do not want to risk an unexpected leak to fill your house while you are gone.      

Always Be Cautious of Leaks

Propane gas in Orlando is odorless and colorless, but distributors add a specialized odorant to make leaks quickly apparent. If you detect a sour rotten egg smell, take the following precautions in case of a leak.

Over time, it is possible for propane in Orlando to lose its odor as it becomes exposed to oxygen in the air. For this reason, it is important to keep a gas detector in the house. Carbon Monoxide detectors are reliable and inexpensive and can protect your family from gas leaks.

Always Be Safe

Central Florida propane is statistically responsible for an almost negligible amount of household fires. When used properly, the risks are minimal and the benefits are substantial. Contact your local supplier for more questions on propane safety.

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