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Common Myths About Propane

Avoid These Common Propane Myths

Despite the growing popularity of propane in Orlando and across the country, many residents and business owners are still reticent about the potential benefits of switching to this alternative fuel source. Myths about the safety, affordability, and usability of this versatile fuel are still often shared by naysayers. However, speak to a Central Florida propane expert for the real facts on switching to propane.

Common Myths Include:

Florida Propane Prices are Too Expensive

Florida propane prices are now at the lowest rates in years, making Central Florida propane easily affordable and readily available for people everywhere. Additionally, propane as a fuel source is remarkably efficient, capable of quickly saving on your usual energy costs. Some propane systems are so efficient that they can eventually pay for themselves.

Propane Systems are Bulky and Unattractive

Modern propane systems are specifically designed to combine convenient functionality with practical aesthetics. Both commercial and residential systems can be installed using compact and efficient designs  to maintain the attractive nature of your property.

Propane is Dangerous

Contrary to popular myth, your propane tank will not spontaneously combust for no reason at all. Propane gas in Orlando has the lowest flammability rating of any alternative fuel. Gasoline, for example, combusts at 430 degrees Fahrenheit while propane must reach 940 degrees Fahrenheit to catch fire. Furthermore, propane gas leaves its container as a vapor and cannot form dangerous pools or puddles like other common hazardous materials.

Most accidents involving propane in Orlando involve the error of someone failing to follow safety standards. Used correctly, propane is extremely safe, and containers are designed with multiple safety features to ensure your protection:

  • Puncture Resistant Containers
  • Automated Shut Offs
  • Leak Alarms
  • Scheduled Maintenance from Trained Professionals

Propane Takes Longer to Heat

Your Central Florida propane system will be directly connected to your heater, wasting no time at all in creating a comfortable and warm atmosphere. The resulting warmth is more evenly distributed than with a traditional heater, and less energy is wasted. Water heaters running on clean-burning propane also experience a faster, more efficient, more affordable heat.

Food Grilled with Propane Tastes Bad

Central Florida PropaneIt is true that propane grills create a different taste than a charcoal or wood burning grill. This fact is largely due to meats and veggies taking on the smoky flavor of the coals as they burn. However, grilling with propane gas in Orlando is largely considered by many to be preferential to charcoal grilling.

Propane results in a cleaner taste that allows diners to enjoy more of the taste of the food without being overpowered by the residue of the grill. The temperature difference in cooking with propane in Orlando also creates a difference in succulence and crispiness that many people enjoy.

Propane is Only for Grilling

Central Florida is an affordable and effective fuel alternative, high recommended as the cleanest burning fossil fuel available. Its uses fill a number of benefits for residential, commercial, and industrial use. Systems for cooking, laundry, heating, and even power generators are widely in use throughout the country.             

Best Uses For Propane

Best Uses for Propane in Orlando

Propane Tanks in OrlandoPropane gas in Orlando is quickly growing in popularity as a household item, not only for convenient grilling options but also in a variety of affordable and efficient amenities for commercial and residential properties. The ever increasing value of Florida propane prices can make this fuel alternative renovation in every aspect. As you shop for accessories and convenience with Central Florida propane, keep in mind the innovative variety of options.

Protect Your Property With a  Backup Generator

Residential and commercial properties alike benefit from the reassurance of a backup power supply. A reliable generator will keep you in comfort even while your neighbors are still struggling in the dark. Within 10 seconds of a power failure, you can be quickly returned to peaceful normalcy thanks to the benefit of Central Florida propane.  Ensure your safety, with security systems and lighting that remain active even when electricity fails.    

Experience All Around Comfort with a Reliable Furnace

A furnace powered by propane can save you hundreds of dollars a year in central heating and energy bills. A gas furnace can heat faster than the electric alternative and produced more heat at a fraction of the costs.   

Enjoy the Glow of the Fire Without the Mess

Everyone loves to cozy up beside the glow of a warm fire, but traditional fireplaces are messy and difficult to maintain. The accumulating soot and creosote that collect in your chimney pose a major fire risk responsible for many house fires throughout the country every year.   A fireplace operated by propane gas in Orlando provides the familiar warmth of lighting of a traditional fire without the hassle.

Maintain an Abundant  Hot Water Supply

A tankless propane water heater can reduce your energy cost by 30 percent and releases less than half the CO emissions of a standard electric heater. Because a Central Florida propane heater only heats water as it is being used, you can eliminate waste and enjoy an abundant supply of hot water without the wait. 

Use Your Patio at Any Climate

You and your guests can enjoy the benefit of fresh outdoor air, even in cold weather with an effective and easy to install patio heater. Perfect for restaurants, bars, cafes, and even your own personal backyard, a patio heater allows you to escape the claustrophobia of indoors even in brisk weather. The affordability of Florida propane prices makes a propane heater more effective and less expensive than inefficient electric heaters.

Dive Into Luxury with a Heated Pool

Why save your pool for only the hottest summer months when you can enjoy luxurious comfort all year round? Soaking in the warmth of a heated pool or spa is relaxing and rejuvenating, especially for those that experience discomfort in colder seasons. Propane gas in Orlando provides you the warmth summer all year round.   

Transform Grilling to Fine Dining

Grilling with propane in Orlando is already a preferable choice, but why stop there? Install a fully functional outdoor kitchen or decorative fire table that transforms outdoor dining into a unique and entertaining experience. 

Charcoal vs Propane in Orlando

burgers on a propane girll in OrlandoAmericans share in a sharp divide every grilling season. Does the experienced grill cook use charcoal or propane gas in Orlando?  Here is a (mostly) unbiased comparison.


The average Central Florida propane grill will easily cost you a few hundred dollars, possibly even a thousand or more if you splurge for one of the high-end models. Comparatively, basic charcoal grills can run as low as twenty bucks, with even the most elaborate brands costing a few hundred. In overall savings, however, Florida propane prices are a wise choice.  A tank of propane will cook for substantially longer than a similar purchase of charcoal. Both options can be cost-effective, depending on the initial investment you are willing to make.


The number one attribute of propane gas in Orlando over charcoal is the simple convenience. Charcoal is messy, and you will be forced to scrape and clean the remnants of the grill after every use. Propane, on the other hand, is as simple as turning a switch, and clean up is quick. An experienced charcoal griller will use gloves or tongs with minimal stress, but for general cleanliness, propane is the first choice.     


Users of propane in Orlando largely favor the time-saving convenience of propane grills. True, the initial installation and assembly are much longer, compared to charcoal grills that are often ready to grill straight out of the box. Nevertheless, in the time it takes you to pour out the coals, light, and wait for the optimum cooking temperature, a propane grill will be well ahead.    


Charcoal grills get somewhat hotter than typical propane grills, with the exception of more impressive models. The additional heat makes very little difference for most foods, but if you like your meats cooked with a crispy sear on the outside you need charcoal for that effect. Some propane grills offer a searing feature for avid grillers that need it.

Even if not as hot, Central Florida propane grills have the additional benefit of accurate temperature control. With a charcoal grill, it can be difficult to precisely measure your cooking temperature or to adjust it as needed. Propane grills, though, have easily adjustable settings for precise cooking and very little guesswork.        


The general environmental effect of charcoal and propane gas in Orlando is marginal, but propane is approved by the 1990 Clean Air Act as a clean fuel alternative. Charcoal releases twice as much carbon dioxide into the air as propane and is known for creating thicker, heavier smoke. However, because charcoal can be returned to the ground as a natural carbon source, many people consider it to equal out as generally eco-friendly.    


The prime argument in the divide between charcoal and propane in Orlando and across the country is continual disagreement on taste. Fans of charcoal insist that grilling on coals gives the meat a noticeable smoky flavor that cannot be replicated on a gas grill. Propane enthusiasts applaud the clean burning nature of the gas grill, noting how the cleaner vapors lock moisture. Discernment on taste vary wildly, and use of sauces, seasonings, and rubs can affect taste to the point where grill choice is sometimes said to be negligible, but the feud continues.    

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