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Propane Gas Piping

Benefits of Switching to a Propane Gas Powered Home

central florida propane truckPropane gas not only is one of the cleanest green fuels, but it is more effective in heating your home and water, cooking your food, and drying your clothes faster. Switching to gas also lowers your utility costs because it is a less costly fuel and it takes less fuel to do the same job as electric.

In case you are looking reduce for a way to reduce your monthly utility costs, or you will like to make your home more comfortable and, and at the same time make use of an environment-friendly gas, Central Florida Propane gas is the perfect fit. Some of the benefits of switching to an Orlando propane gas powered home include:

Relatively Cheap

Do you know – the cost of propane is about half as much for every BTU when compared with electricity. Also, propane gas fireplaces are known to cost between 30 to 60 percent less for every hour it operates, compared to wood burning fireplaces. With propane, you can save more.


Propane gas is highly reliable. You can use it for almost all your home energy needs ranging from supplying power to your electrical appliances, heating and cooling, and so forth. At the same time, you are reducing the extent of which you depend on power from the grid. In fact, even during a power outage, you are well covered.

Environmentally Friendly

When talking about energy sources that are environmentally friendly, propane cannot be overlooked. Propane gas caused less pollution compared with power plants. By making use of propane gas, you are safeguarding the environment. Also, there is no risk of soil or water contamination through spilling.

Very Efficient

Propane gas heat supply system recovers faster compared to the electric one. As a result of this, you are able to get an increase in the amount of hot water from your tankless water heater. Also, the cost of operation is about 30 percent less. While it takes up to an hour to reheat a whole tankful of water with electricity, propane gas gets the job done within 20 minutes.

Readily Available

Propane gas is convenient and portable. You can make use of propane gas virtually anywhere, including urban and rural areas.

Easier to Maintain

Propane gas furnaces last for up to 20 years. The gas can also be stored for years without contaminating, spoiling, or getting damaged. Also, repairing a propane gas furnace cost less, compared to an electric heat pump.

All these are some of the benefits of switching to a propane gas powered home. For your Propane Gas in Orlando, no matter how old or new your home or commercial business is, Central Florida Propane can convert your home or business to propane. Our professional staff will schedule a time to meet with you to thoroughly analyze your unique home or commercial or business and will walk you through the expectations and timeline. We also offer a free consultation. Feel free to reach out to us for all your propane gas home needs.

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