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Pool / Spa Heaters and Fire Rings

Propane gas remains one of the most versatile energy sources all over the nation. Apart from cooking and powering electronic appliances, propane gas can also be used to supply energy to pool and spa and also to fire rings.

At Central Florida Propane, we are one of leading propane gas service providers. We are capable of supplying a full range of propane gas services that will take care of all your propane gas needs including both residential and commercial. For anyone in need of Propane Gas in Orlando, Discount Propane is your first point of call.

Superior Heating with a Gas Pool or Spa Heater

At Central Florida Propane, we sell and install energy efficient gas pool and spa heaters including Pentair, Starite, Teledyne Laars, Hayward, and Raypak. As a way of supplying heat to these gas pools and spas, we highly recommend the use of propane gas.

Gas pool and spa heaters are known to work through the circulation of the water. This is then sent to the heater through a filter. On heating the water by the gas, the heated water will then be circulated back into the pool or spa. To achieve the best when you put efficiency into consideration, Orlando Propane Gas is what you need for your pool and spa.

The main reason that makes a gas pool or spa heaters superior when compared with heat pumps or solar pool heaters is that they are capable of maintaining the temperature they are set to. In fact, they cannot be affected even by the weather changes in Central Florida.

In case you are in search of an Orlando Propane Gas company that has all the right equipment, tools, and a workforce with the technical know-how for all your gas pool or spa heater installation, Central Florida Propane is the perfect fit to get the job done.

Pool & Spa Heater Repairs and Maintenance

For anyone who currently has a gas pool or spa heater which is in need of repair, Central Florida Propane offers you the best repairs for all brands and models of gas pool and spa heaters. When we troubleshoot the repairs or service need, we can help you find out if you qualify for labor or product warranty for your current model.

If you will like to know more about what it takes to install or maintain a gas pool or spa, all you need to do is contact Central Florida Propane. We will always be ready to provide an adequate solution to each and every one of your inquiries.

Fire Rings

Central Florida Propane has everything it takes to supply, hook up or build you a custom fire ring or fire pit for your residence or business. Fire pits serve as an easy way to create a comfortable area for you and the family to relax, unwind, or have a nice time, with no need to sit indoor.

At Central Florida Propane, the outdoor fire pits we make for you will be a perfect addition to your patio or backyard. They also make an incredible venue for your parties, barbecues and much more. Central Florida Propane has a team of experienced propane fire pit installers that are capable of handling all your Orlando Propane Gas needs. Within a short period, you can expect your backyard to be warm and cozy, just the way you like it.

Your Local Provider of Propane Gas in Orlando

At Central Florida Propane, we work with a team of well-trained professionals and technicians that have been fortified with the adequate knowledge of how to carry out various installations involving propane gas, and how to handle the gas itself. 

We understand your Orlando propane gas needs compared to any other company. Our services are highly affordable and can be tailored to meet your demands. We are always ready to help you supply energy, and at the same time, save money. Kindly give us a call today to learn more about our propane gas services. We have customer care representative on ground to respond to all your inquiries.


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